Tobias Hieta

I am programmer and build-tools wrangler at Plex. This is a collection of links to my work and projects.


I am working at Plex as the lead of build systems and toolchain. I have written and talked about what I do at Plex at several occations, you can find links to my talks and my writings below.


I am one of the founders and co-hosts of the Swedish podcast Kodsnack which is the most popular podcast for developers by developers in Swedish. We have done over 300 episodes by now and you can find all of them over at the website above. There are quite a few English episodes as well. Some of my favorites yp:

Gävle Developer Meetup

I am the co-host of the Gävle Developer Meetup. A meetup for developers in Gävle, Sweden.

Other apperances

I also show up in other stuff: